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HQS Wellington


September 30, 2015

Launched in 1934, the HQS Wellington is the last surviving member of the Royal Navy’s Grimsby class of sloops. After 4 years of duty in the South Pacific, the ship served with distinction in the Second World War. As well evacuating troops from Le Havre during ‘Operation Cycle’ in 1940 and taking part in the Allied landings in North Africa in 1942, ‘Operation Torch’, the then HMS Wellington steamed some 240,000 miles on 103 convoy escort operations during the Battle of the Atlantic. Lasting from 1939 to 1945, this was the longest continuous campaign of the War. On convoy duty, the ship rescued more than 450 Merchant Navy seamen and shared the credit for sinking a U-boat.

The Wellington has been moored on the Thames since 1948 as the home of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, a City of London Livery Company. A museum and library in addition, the ship is also a unique conference, wedding and dining venue. Tours of the library and museum are available on request and provided by highly knowledgeable Master Mariners.

HQS Wellington is on the National Historic Ships UK register.




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