Best’s Bootcamp

Bootcamp – They’re the only studio in the UK to have FreeMotion Treadmills (the same ones used by Orange Theory in the US).  The pre-set speeds and inclines save time and ensure you get more from your time on the tread. Alongside the treadmills, they also have a full range of dumbbells, bands and medicine balls.  What sets them apart from the rest though is the in-house designed benches and the state of the art “instructor cam” that allows you to understand the technique and intensity of every exercise with unobstructed views.

Assault – Their first to market, Assault bike based session! Think F45, Crossfit and Bootcamp all rolled into one!  As one of their signature products, they use the assault bikes as the anchor for each class in this product.  Each session is made up of sprints / HIIT elements on the bike, combined with functional movements utilising an array of kettlebells, dumbbells, and your body weight.

Directions: Take the escalator under the arches on Villiers Street to concourse level 1, when you get to the top hang a right and you cannot miss them!



1 Embankment Place (concourse level)



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