Growing Talent


June 6, 2016

Growing Talent is a recruitment scheme which is a holistic route into permanent employment, funded by and applied by PwC procurement team.


Devised by PwC in January 2014, Growing Talent does exactly what ‘it says on the tin’. Employers can see their future talent grow in situ. Unemployed participants get the support and nurturing to grow into long-term employees.

PwC recognised the success employer-led work experience programmes deliver.  However, not all completing participants go into work.  Why not have a programme where employers can truly ‘grow their own talent’ in situ and all completing participants go into work? Enter Growing Talent.

During this 12 week fulltime programme, they undergo an Orientation Week to build confidence and workplace etiquette and a Holistic Week – focussing on personal fitness, finance, nutrition and well-being. There is no financial cost to the business.