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Skills sharing at The Northbank


July 28, 2015

Would you like to share your skills to help a local charity and their clients?  Do you have a legal, human resources or communications background? Could you help a charity with their communications strategy or put terms and conditions together for their fundraising partnerships?  Perhaps you are more interested in supporting their executives with leadership skills or mentoring their clients with developing employability skills?  If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are aware of the significant intellectual capital within the Northbank and would like to find ways to harness your employees’ skills to support and mentor local charities and their clients.

Skills Audit on the Northbank

Following this theme of skills within the Northbank, we are aiming to conduct an audit of skills within the area to be able to map where future jobs will come from.  This is a complex exercise which will connect local colleges with local businesses and ensure that young people from our local communities will be made aware of the sectors that are developing and the skills that will be required in the future.

Contact Charlotte Factor to share ideas and find out more: charlotte@thenorthbank.london or 0203 687 9279