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King’s College London

Ref Address Category Owner / Agent Details 1 Details 2
3 King's College London Education King's College London Strand Campus refurb

Ref: 3

Address: King's College London

Category: Education

Owner / Agent: King's College London

Details 1:

Details 2: Strand Campus refurb


King's College London

Strand Campus
London, WC2

Kings College

Partial redevelop of the Strand frontage, keeping the range of historic shop fronts and increasing the building’s public engagement.

The central “Quad” is to be upgraded to a quality space. It forms part of the network of paths through the College and Somerset House, open to the public when the buildings are in use. The concrete Strand building is likely to be re-clad.

Pre-planning application stage.


Kings College


Ralph Luck
Director of Estates
Estates Department
3rd floor, Capital House
Guy’s Campus
42 Weston Street
London SE1 3QD

Tel: 020 7848 5555
Email: pamela.ferreira@kcl.ac.uk