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50 Kalò

Food and Drink  

September 10, 2018

The pizza makers have their own personal jargon, mostly incomprehensible to others. They use kalò to indicate something good, and skatà to say bad.

An unwritten jargon, which has been handed down for centuries. Which draws from the Greek, because this is still the cradle of Magna Graecia; but that is colored with nuances, sounds and other references. 

In Greek, kalos means beautiful, but also good. The 50? In the cabal or in the Neapolitan grimace 50 is bread and pizza makers are masters of white art. Hence the name: 50 kalò or dough, good bread.

Because it is from the dough that a good pizza is born. And that of Ciro Salvo is the result of a passionate research, study and a lot of experimentation: first of all the careful selection of the right flour, with low protein content; so much water, at the limit of workability, and then a long leavening to obtain a soft dough, very light and easy to digest.

A 50 kalò, in fact