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Strand Palace Hotel Prefered Photo

Strand Palace Hotel


June 27, 2014

A more modern view of The Northbank comes in the shape of Strand Palace Hotel. The building hosts 9 floors with over 750 rooms and sits in the middle of the Strand with great access to the most visited London sites. There is a hint of the original art deco architecture which remains intact in parts of the hotel but the original foyer is now kept in the V&A Museum as a memento of what was lost. For the theatre lovers, The Mask Cocktail Bar is theatre-themed and is ideal for pre or post theatre drinks.


Address: 372 Strand, London, WC2R 0JJ

Website: www.strandpalacehotel.co.uk 

Reservations: +44 207 379 4737
Switchboard: +44 207 836 8080

Booking recommended