Air Quality

Public Realm  

November 5, 2016

London’s air quality is a high profile concern, with EU targets to reduce pollutants and GLA objectives to create a clean, green and healthy environment for all. The BID’s initial engagement with businesses has revealed a desire for more information with a focus on The Northbank area.  Working with Westminster, Crisp Air and businesses, we are developing a set of initiatives which are relevant and deliverable. These will include:

  • Communications – raise the profile of key aspects and its local impact
  • Built environment – encourage increased building efficiency and reduce gas consumption
  • Transportation – promoting walking and cycling with improved facilities in The Northbank area
  • Supply chain – consolidation of deliveries and reduction of vehicle emissions

The BID’s goals for improving air quality are supported by enhancements to the public realm and additional greening. The BID will also be working with other areas of London to improve the air quality across the city. To receive free air quality advice and support for your business and to become an air quality champion contact Alison Gregory. You can also find out more by downloading the Northbank Air Quality Presentation.