Public Realm & Environment

Public Realm Vision and Strategy - 2015

Public Realm & Environment

We know that people are attracted to clean, green areas for business and leisure, so to enhance The Northbank’s Public Realm reputation we are:

…Enhancing Westminster’s capabilities by providing more targeted street cleaning and additional services like chewing gum and graffiti removal, and jet washing;

…Reporting street maintenance issues to Westminster and TfL, via The Northbank Ambassadors;

…Working with Westminster and TfL to prioritise a traffic plan for Aldwych;

…Enhancing the experience of Villiers Street;

…Improvement to green infrastructure, including the fantastic Evergreen Embankment project;

…Area-wide sustainability and business-led improvement to air quality through Delivery Servicing Plans;

…Identified over 100 project areas to improve, including allyways and alcoves;

…Working towards an area-wide lighting and retail strategy.


  • Join The Northbank In Bloom’s entry into London In Bloom!
  • Talk to us about Delivery & Service Planning
  • Report damages to the streetscape via The Northbank Ambassadors
  • Report cleaning issues to The Northbank Cleaning Team
  • Hear more about public realm improvements


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