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Public Realm & Environment

Public Realm Vision and Strategy - 2015

Public Realm & Environment

Creating a high-quality public realm and environment has been a priority of The Northbank BID since its inception. With landmark architecture and a rich mix of cultural hotspots, The Northbank is a truly unique district in Central London. But to reach its full potential, even its most humble public spaces must play their part.

A Strategic Vision For Northbank

In 2015 The Northbank Public Realm Vision identified over 100 project areas to improve, including allyways and alcoves.

The built on an initial public realm survey and strategic plan which was commissioned in 2014 to provide detailed design and creative advice on the integration of new developments.

As part of the West End Partnership, the Strand/Aldwych Vision is in its final stages of consultation to improve the traffic system and improve air quality, all with the ultimate ambition to enhance access to the local cultural institutions.

The Villiers Street Vision is in its infancy but with plenty of opportunities to enhance the character and customer experience. The Evergreen Embankment project will see a green wall on the tube station this autumn, a key milestone in the area-wide improvements to green infrastructure and lighting.

A retail strategy and business-led improvements to air quality through Delivery Servicing Plans, make up some of the other initiatives in the pipeline.

Cleaner, Greener Northbank

We know that people are attracted to clean, green areas for business and leisure, so to enhance The Northbank’s Public Realm reputation we are carrying out daily cleaning and reporting.

The team works to enhance Westminster’s capabilities by providing more targeted street cleaning and additional services like chewing gum and graffiti removal, and jet washing. The Northbank Ambassadors also carry out reporting of street maintenance issues to Westminster and TfL.



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