Public Realm & Environment

Public Realm Vision and Strategy - 2015

Public Realm & Environment

The Northbank BID launched an extensive public realm vision and strategy in June 2015 with support from the local community.

Over 100 projects have been identified to improve green infrastructure, traffic calming and improve the air quality.

Successes have already seen in re-surfaced pavements and roads, a newly lit Buckingham Arcade and funding granted for impressive greening and traffic surveys.

The Northbank has also been awarded a Bronze Award for London In Bloom.

Air Quality is of increasing importance for the whole of London so we have installed an Air Quality Monitor at King’s College London to track the pollution levels on the Strand.

To improve the air quality we are working with companies to consolidate waste and freight to reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

Our cleansing team works day and night alongside Westminster City Council’s street cleaners to provide additional services such as chewing gum and graffiti removal, and jet washing.

Daily environmental checks are also reported back to Westminster City Council by the Northbank Ambassadors.

If you would like to get involved in the Northbank’s sustainability and public realm efforts please contact Alison Gregory on 0203 697 9271 or

We know that people are attracted to clean, green areas for business and leisure, so to enhance The Northbank’s Public Realm reputation we are:

  • Working with Publica, a specialist urban design consultancy giving creative and strategic advice on new developments.
  • Establishing long term public realm strategies in partnership with TFL and Westminster City Council.
  • Consulting with the Garden Bridge Trust to ensure the best interest for the area
  • Assessing air pollution, amenity and carbon storage and long term sustainability in addition to a major green infrastructure audit.
  • Providing a cleansing team dedicated exclusively to the BID area.


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