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REFASHION DAY with Orsola De Castro & HUBBUB

Public Realm


November 10, 2014

A HUGE SUCCESS! With tickets sold out and many travelling from a far to see Orsola De Castro and try a unique activity, this event showed how environmental issues can be engaging and emotive.

Watch the video highlights of the day here: https://youtu.be/mjSufAHm1us


The Northbank BID worked to raise the profile of sustainable business practise and to promoted recycling with event partners Hubbub. This day of events was an opportunity for anyone in The Northbank area to be inspired by experts and be involved with a creative, fun actively for ethical fashion, jewellery and presents. All with a common goal to tackle the issue of waste within the fashion industry – of which there is 1 million tonnes each year!

To realise this we worked closely with Hubbub (www.hubbub.co.uk) and The Good Wardrobe (www.thegoodwardrobe.com), leaders in the ethical and social challenges in waste and the fashion industry, respectively.



Hubbub (www.hubbub.org.uk), a new organisation based at Somerset House aims to revolutionise the way environmental issues are communicated to mainstream consumers is organising the event, one of many events and activities which are positive, sociable, collaborative and open to all. The aim of Refashion Day was to explore how to make the clothes we have last longer, and it will celebrate style, creativity and money-saving, perhaps even make a Christmas gift ‘with a difference’. In the UK we throw out almost one million tonnes of textiles every year, yet extending the average life of clothes by just 3 months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 10%. Over the past few years there has been a definite trend towards upcycling, making and crafts; being resourceful and creative with what you have rather than taking the easy option of buying the latest trend from the high street. This spirit was at the heart of Refashion Day.



Orsola de Castro from the ‘Queen of Upcycling’ Introduction to the aesthetics of upcycling in fashion and design, through her personal experience and through history, contextualising the art of reusing as an innate and innovative solution.

Sew It Forward The Good Wardrobe which encourages people to share sewing, knitting and mending skills. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have a piece of clothing in need of some TLC and the patience to learn how to fix it. What you need to bring: damaged item of clothing

TRAID: Reuse workshop Learn how to turn unwanted and damaged jumpers into fantastic bobble hats, to equip you for the long cold winter ahead. What you need to bring: damaged item of clothing

Anna Alicia: Stylish & ethical jewellery Learn how to design and make wood and wool necklaces – perfect handmade Christmas presents.What you need to bring: nothing



This day of workshops is a precursor to Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April 2015 so keep up to date on plans at: www.hubbub.org.uk / @hubbubuk / @TheNorthbankBID / #refashion