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Spotted… Northbank Press Coverage

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January 29, 2016



The Northbank BID is very proud of the work that the businesses and outside partners are putting in to helping the team on the ground make fantastic progress in such a short period of time. If you would like any more information on press opportunities as a Northbank business please contact our PR team, Seven Hills, via megan@thenorthbank.london.


Here is what others are saying about us:

London Live December 2015

Interview with Ruth Duston (Chief Executive)



Evening Standard (Homes & Property) November 2015

The Northbank Development Pipeline



Time Out November 2015

Strand Christmas Lights for the first time



Broadway World November 2015

MAMMA MIA! switch on the Northbank’s first Christmas lights



SkyScanner News November 2015

First Christmas Lights on the Strand



BBC London News August 2015

Interview with Ruth Duston (Northbank CEO) on behalf of the businesses to discuss the impact of ‘exploding pavements’


London Live July 2015

Interview with Katherine Fleming (Operations Director) during the Northbank Summer Festival


CityAM June 2015

The Northbank Public Realm Launch



Evening Standard June 2015

The Northbank Public Realm Launch



Daily Mail March 2015

Westminster move to reduce poor air quality with support from The Northbank



Daily Star 2nd December 2014

The Northbank hosted a counter-terrorism training session with nearly 200 businesses across the West End



Time Out 24th November 2014

“Old togs, new tricks” Refashion Day hosted by Hubbub and The Northbank



The Independent 13th October 2014

What The Northbank BID is achieving



Time Out 12th October 2014

Times they are a changin’! And so are place names around London…



Guinness World Record 21st May 2014

Eduardo made the headlines with his speedy greeting skills!



Financial Times April 2014

The new ‘Northbank’



Let us know if you have spotted us in the press by emailing megan@thenorthbank.london