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The Thames SENSEation 2014

Marketed and Promoted  

May 19, 2015

The Northbank presents the world’s first multi-sensory history of the River Thames designed by award-winning House of Gastrophonic

A sensory celebration of the River Thames


The Thames SENSEation was the culmination of The Northbank’s long and fruitful history with the River Thames and the multi-sensory vision of The House of Gastrophonic. The two day festival brought in crowds of tourists and locals all excited to enjoy a unique experience for free in the beautiful Victoria Embankment Garden.

The event saw us working with high profile and ‘up and coming’ partners that included BID members, Twinings Tea, the Corinthia London Hotel and the Garden Bridge Trust, also iMakr and AVM Curiosities.

With nearly 5000 visitors Victoria Embankment Gardens was awash with fun and games.



“It is great to find a free event for the kids”

“I can now see what the Shard looks like through holding it” – visually impaired couple in the Modern Thames 3D exhibition

“To be able to sense by smell what I cannot hear is wonderful” – hearing impaired lady in the Aromatic Time Tunnel


For centuries many of London’s street names have reflected the city’s sensory heritage – Bread Street, Corn Hill, Saffron Hill, Camomile Street, Leather Lane, Silk Street – and the River Thames has been the gateway through which countless of these new tastes, aromas and textures have arrived to influence and enrich London’s life.

The Thames SENSEation immersed visitors senses in the discovery of the River Thames’ history as a gateway through which countless new tastes, aromas, textures and sounds have arrived to influence and enrich London’s life.


Stroll through The Time Tunnel and experience the sights and sounds of Elizabethan, Victorian and 1950’s River Thames laced with the aromas of the new food imports from each era.

Enjoy entertaining and informative talks and cookery demonstrations at The Sensory Hub on how food has shaped and continues to shape the story of London’s Northbank.

Gary Hollihead, Executive Head Chef, Corinthia London Hotel prepared a dish of soused and barbecued mackerel, oyster emulsion and pickled cockles with borage and sea fennel much to the amazement of the crowd.

Corinthia London: Located in the heart of The Northbank, the Corinthia London Hotel dates back from 1885 and the height of the Victorian elegance. This grand building has been given a new lease of life with sumptuous rooms, suites and Penthouses, London’s most breathtaking Spa and two elegant restaurants – the centre-piece of which, the Northall, offers sophisticated dining with accessible prices serving seasonal British cuisine supplied by artisanal producers.

Food historian Tasha Marks of AVM Curiosities  took the audience on an audio adventure complimenting the sensory experience of the Thames SENSEation’s Aromatic Time Tunnel, with a historical talk on the Elizabethan, Victorian, and Mid-21st Century Thames. Tasha opened up the world of flavours, ingredients and recipes of each era from the story of Saffron Hill to the foodscape of the post-war period.

About Natasha Marks and AVM Curiosities: Tasha and AVM Curiosities have been exploring the relationship between art and food through a series of high calibre events and edible interventions for the Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, National Trust and Selfridges. AVM Curiosities are the winners of the Grey Goose Iconoclast of Taste 2013, Selfridges Bright Youg Thing 2013 and Young British Foodie 2013 – Experiential Award Finalist.

Twinings Tea ambassador, Julia, let us enter the secrets behind the famous Twinings family and the social history of tea.

About Twinings: Who would have thought in the 16th Century, when the Portuguese and Dutch traders bought the first tea into Europe, Britain would adopt the drink as its national beverage? Back then, the most popular drinks in England were coffee, gin and ale – even at breakfast!

Thomas Twining went against the tide to share his love of tea. His passion turned a little-known drink into the nation’s favourite hot beverage. Shipped in on the Thames, tea shaped Britain. More than 300 years late, the passion for tea is still here – and so is Twinings. They still sell tea at Thomas’ famous shop at 216 Strand and still work hard to bring new blends to tea lovers. Twinings now have over 100 varieties and their teas are drunk all over the world. To find out more visit their website or book one of Twinings’ famous Tea Masterclasses.




Dive into the new world of 3D printing and check out Modern Thames, an exhibition of London landmarks past, present and future created by 3D printing pioneers iMakr as part of their Scan The World project. With a special guest appearance from our friends at The Garden Bridge Trust offering a surprise experience. 

Help us to Scan The World and put your favourite landmark in London on the map and have it printed for everyone to see.

Scan The World is a new community project from iMakr’s 3D object download platform – MyMiniFactory – which encourages members of the general public to contribute to the creation of a digital database of the world’s most famous monuments and landmarks. Simply by taking a handful of photographs of a chosen object and submitting them to iMakr’s team of designers, the object will be “virtually modelled” in 3D before being uploaded to the MyMiniFactory website.  Once uploaded anyone in the world will have free access to the digital file and the ability to print the object in 3D for themselves.  For more information and instructions on how to scan, you can read more about the initiative on MyMiniFactory’s blog.

iMakr are asking members of the public to photograph their favourite landmarks from around the world or indeed throughout the Thames’ course through London – a local statue, a work of art, a riverside pub, an iconic landmark or just something that evokes the essence of the Thames. Simply submit the images to the My Mini Factory portal and you with a 3D file that can be 3D printed anywhere in the world.

For further information contact stw@myminifactory.com.

About The Garden Bridge Trust: Designed by Heatherwick Studio and inspired by actress and campaigner, Joanna Lumley, a planning application has been submitted for a new bridge joining the South Bank with The Northbank. Led by The Garden Bridge Trust, its ground breaking design will integrate a new kind of public space into the fabric of the city, adding to London’s rich and diverse horticultural heritage.


Our Elizabethan, Victorian and mid 20th century ancestors were on hand to aid the discovery of how London’s families once lived at The Past Alive; encouraging typical conversation, showing how they dressed and presenting what they cooked. With one of the country’s largest collections of historical games and street entertainment from London’s bygone eras filling pockets of park lawn between actors playing out the role of families from past times in London. ThamesSENSEation_cake