Northbank & Covent Garden named as Mayor’s Low Emission Neighbourhoods

Now, with support from the Mayor of London, we have been awarded a fund to expand our efforts in tackling toxic air. The Northbank has been named as one of five ‘Business Low Emissions Neighbourhoods’, selected from 15 bids, showing the wide-ranging support for improving air quality among London’s business community.

Ruth Duston, Chief Executive of The Northbank BID: “We fully support the Mayor’s drive to tackle pollution and are delighted that the Northbank has been selected as a Business Low Emissions Neighbourhood. The Northbank BID is London’s largest business improvement district and the area is a huge generator of visitors to central London for the best quality and variety of cultural and retail attractions, with a world-wide reputation for innovation, creativity and regeneration. Improving air quality is a key priority for us to create a clean, safe and pleasant environment for the 14 million visitors we get a year and the 26,000 students and 20,000 workers who use the area each day.

“Our planned programme of surface transport and public realm improvements at Strand Aldwych will greatly contribute to this by reducing congestion, and as a result pollution, and by creating a new public space at the heart of the area. We have also teamed up with King’s College to conduct a study into air pollution on the Northbank and as a result have developed a series of clean air walking routes for the area in partnership with King’s College, LSE and Westminster City Council.

“We look forward to working with local businesses and the wider community to improve air quality and enable behaviour change in a variety of exciting projects to make this part of central London healthier for all.”


The Northbank’s Public Realm Strategy will reduce pollution and make this incredibly busy area – home to a host of important destinations and attractions – much more inviting for walking and cycling. As part of the project, consultants will work with all the local businesses and organisations to help them cut unnecessary deliveries. Other interventions include a range of street improvements such as:

  • parks and innovative lighting
  • a project with St Clement Danes School to improve walking routes to school
  • green zones which provide cleaner and more inviting walking and cycling routes
  • an eco-kiosk co-designed with the local community which will provide information about local attractions as well as air quality and other environmental information

Westminster City Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Sport and Community David Harvey said: “Poor air quality is the number one concern of our residents, so we are delighted that the Northbank BID has been awarded funding for a new Low Emission Neighbourhood in the City.

“Becoming the first borough to have two LENs is a testament to the huge ongoing effort that has been made across the public and private sectors to improve air quality in Westminster.

“We are already leading the fight against pollution, through investing in electric vehicle charging points, introducing the first diesel surcharge and our #DontBeIdle anti-idling campaign.

“In partnership with Northbank BID a new LEN will allow us to trial yet more innovative schemes and really improve air quality in central London.”


Read the GLA’s press release here.

Healthy Streets

A retail strategy and business-led improvements to air quality through Delivery Servicing Plans, make up some of the Northbank’s Business Low Emission Neighbourhood initiatives.

Project delivery:
• Street interventions through infrastructure alterations
• Business servicing and deliveries consolidation
• Anti-idling by vehicles
• Personal deliveries reduction with support of Click & Collect. Download a C&C poster for the office now.
• Walking routes to reduce personal exposure to pollution
• Working with the local school to reduce its exposure to pollution

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