Experience classic Japanese drama with Kabuki Hour at ROKA Aldwych

Food and Drink  

Start Date: February 03, 2017

End Date: February 23, 2018

ROKA Aldwych has used the traditional Japanese theatre format of Kabuki as the inspiration for ‘Kabuki Hour’, where an exquisite selection of dramatic cocktails accompanied by classic theatre snacks with a Far East twist. Kabuki theatre has traditionally included extravagant masks, intricate, subtle dance choreography coupled with impactful music. ROKA Aldwych will serve their new Kabuki menu amidst modern interpretations of this form of entertainment.

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The delicious array of theatre-style snacks will include a tempting sharing selection of Japanese-style popcorn, sweet potato cracker, spicy Nori cracker and funky flavoured Japanese crisps, as well as unique slush-puppie style drinks presented from a Kakigori machine flown over from Japan especially for the occasion.

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Serving slush-puppie style Kakigori drinks, the drinks created for Kabuki Hour will offer an array of fresh and fruity cocktails. The likes of Yuzu and Blackberry Kakigori, comprised of gin, yuzu, blackberry and green tea, as well as Cherry Blossom and Almond Kakigori, made from shochu, cherry, plum and almond will be on offer, alongside more classic cocktails with a Japanese blend, such as the Smoked Corn Old Fashioned, made from Japanese whisky.

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The newest of the ROKA restaurants, ROKA Aldwych’s theatre offerings are already popular thanks to a stunning pre-theatre lunch and dinner menu. Now ROKA’s bar will also be transformed to showcase the art of Kabuki, with footage of Japanese theatre productions on show to heighten the ambience of a fun theatrical experience and take guests to the heart of this traditional Japanese experience.


The Kabuki Hour Cocktail Menu will be available from 5pm – 7pm Monday to Friday. Prices start from £7 per person and include Kabuki Bar Snacks.


Address:  ROKA Aldwych, 71 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN