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LFA2018 ‘TALES FROM THE NORTHBANK – PART TWO, Trafalgar Square to Temple


Start Date: June 23, 2018

End Date: June 23, 2018

Clinging to the shore of the Thames between The City and Westminster, lies London’s mighty North Bank. Settled first by the Saxons in the 7th century this great swathe of tumbling shore was known as Lundenwic and by the Middles Ages it was at the heart of aristocratic life on the river, home to the great waterside palaces of Tudor England’s richest merchants, courtiers and noblemen. Located at the strategic mid-point between commercial and political power, the North Bank boomed in the subsequent centuries remade itself as London’s great and varied centres of law, newspapers, gossip and entertainment.

From monuments and watergates to palaces and hotels, this walk explores the multiple identities and shapeshifting characters of the landscape between Trafalgar Square and Temple to reveal London’s mighty North Bank through its best kept architectural secrets and spectacular sleeping giants.

With on site contributions from architectural historian and author of ‘Post-Modern Buildings in Britain’ Elain Harwood and Egyptologist and ancient historian Dr John J. Johnston. More names to be confirmed.

DEPARTS – Centre of Trafalgar Square

A walk by The London Ambler – Mike Althorpe

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