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London’s Best Easter Trail

Marketed and Promoted  

A stunning line up of prizes showing off the glamour of the Northbank Experience gave the contestants in this year’s Northbank Easter Egg Hunt on 29th April added urgency. Teams made of locals as well as visitors to the Northbank were led on a merry chase through the historical nooks and alleys as they followed a series of hidden, cryptic clues.

Two family-based teams blazed through to the finish line first, the overall winners were thrilled with their prize of night’s stay in the Strand Palace Hotel complete with dinner and breakfast as well as theatre tickets for award- winning Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Pipped at the post the father and son, unrelated to the winners, we should add, walked away pleased with their prize of anther example of the style and luxury of the Northbank in the form of an amazing evening of dinner and ‘Film & Fizz’ at One Aldwych.

The trail took competitors to the hidden Queen’s Chapel of the  Savoy, the original Twinings shop  and Two Temple Place. Those that decoded the clues found themselves exploring the greenery of the  Gardens on Victoria  Embankment  and  at  Temple. Along the way they also discovered that Eleanor’s Pinnacle is the point at which London Taxi’s mark the centre of their ‘patch’ and just how many countries have their Embassies in the Northbank district.

The afternoon was enjoyed by many. Comments ranged from gleeful excitement at the sights and secrets from the younger participants to wry amazement that there are still things to learn about their home area from some of the older ‘hunters’. Almost all participants were eager for a chance to experience more of the Northbank.