Strand Gallery


Start Date: September 02, 2017

End Date: October 15, 2017

There are lots of great exhibitions from September through to October at the Strand Gallery

Poems 4 Oceans
A group of young London artists present their work in response to the beauty and plight of the oceans; through the use of poetry, moving image and photography span.

2nd September – 3rd September 2017

Four Fingers and a Thumb
A Collaborative Exhibition Curated by Dimension Design

9th September – 13th September 2017

The highlights of this year’s postgraduate show, presenting skillfully crafted objects that push the boundaries between glass, metal, textile, wood and ceramics.

20th September – 25th September 2017

Colour & Form
The London Painters and Sculptors Group

2nd October – 8th October

A collective exhibition of four international artists, each artist finds strong symbolism in the word ‘Crucial’, with their concern and social conscience over environmental, animal welfare and socio-political issues.

11th October – 15th October 2017

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