The Northbank Choir


Start Date: October 05, 2017

End Date: December 07, 2017

The Northbank Choir was set up in June 2016 with an incredibly positive response from the local community.

As part of our drive on wellbeing initiatives, the BID team realised there is little more satisfying than releasing energy through singing, with a chance to meet new people as a bonus.

Evidence stemming from the 1940’s on the health benefits of singing ranges from enhanced respiratory functioning (and reduced asthma and other bronchial disorders and improvements in consumptive conditions), release of endorphins, improved posture and enhanced mood.

We are pleased to announce the Northbank Community Choir is back! Please warm up your vocal chords and come and sing with us.

If you like music and meeting new people then the Northbank choir is for you!

WHEN? Thursday evenings 5.45-7pm

WHERE? St Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ

HOW? To register for the Autumn term, please sign up here.


For more information please email or call 0203 697 9279