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Art-iculating The Importance Of Creativity On The Northbank


March 1, 2018

Yes, the Northbank is home to the National Gallery, The Courtauld Institute and Gallery, and Somerset House but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday (28.02.18) was the final day of The Connection at St Martin’s Winter Exhibition, showcasing pieces created by their clients, and it really brought home how much of an impact art is having across the Northbank; engaging people from all walks of life.

These particular works of art have got a longer life-span than just being created for the enjoyment of on-lookers, and this too is a recurring theme. The pop-up exhibitions at 180 Strand enliven what has been a disused space in one of London’s most central locations for a number of years. Similarly, King’s Cultural Institute’s exhibitions draw together months, and sometimes years, of research and extraordinary work by extraordinary people from one of the worlds leading universities.

The hospitality sector too continues the trend in area-wide exposure to the arts; when The Corinthia reopened in 2011 its design team was lead by the world of art to create a space that excites visitors and locals alike. Now the Trafalgar St. James is hosting exhibitions in its windows (currently Hogie’s Heroes), whilst overlooking Trafalgar Squares famous Fourth Plinth and the Canadian High Commission’s tucked away 1-room gallery. The Opera Tavern and a number of other restaurants are looking towards arts-based events in the area to take inspiration for temporary installations (find out more soon).

So, take a walk through the Northbank and see what you come across, peek through the windows at Coutts bank to see the winners of the HIX Awards, and meander through Villiers Street and John Adam Street to see the latest photography exhibition at Proud Central.

There’s a whole world out there still waiting to be explored!