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Business Continuity in The Northbank

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March 19, 2015

  • When was the last time your organisation tested your emergency communication arrangements?
  • In an emergency, how easily can you contact your staff?
  • If your office wasn’t available, how would you access supplier and customer contact information?
  • Do you have somewhere central where you store details for emergency glaziers, building contractors and utility companies?


Business Continuity Management is planning for and managing the unexpected, be it a fire, flood, failure of electricity, water, gas supplies or even staff sickness. Any of these issues could affect your business or the business of your key suppliers.   Either way, the impact on your business could be devastating. A Business Continuity Plan is a management tool specific to your business and designed to help you survive in the event of any severe disruption that prevents or restricts your business operating from your premises in both the short and long term. It is as important for a small business with one or two staff to plan ahead as it is for a multi national company.

Where to begin? You can compose an effectual business continuity plan in a relatively short period and for little expenditure. The Northbank BID works together with Westminster City Council who offer free Business Continuity Advice for all businesses.

If you would like to discuss the matter further or book an appointment, please contact Katherine Fleming on Katherine@thenorthbank.london.