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Citigroup says YES to the Garden Bridge

Public Realm


November 4, 2014

Citigroup has been named as one of the first companies to donate to the project with £3m securing the organisation as the official bank partner of the project.


The Evening Standard has reported:

James Bardrick, head of Citigroup in the UK, said: “It is going to be an incredibly iconic new space.

“We hope that, in a hundred years, it will  be somewhere that will come to mind when people think of London.”

Lord Davies, the chairman of trustees of the Garden Bridge Project told The Telegraph: “The first donors are always the biggest help because they give you the confidence to move to the next level.”

The former chairman of Standard Chartered added: “Yes, the bridge is in London, and yes, it’s crossing the Thames but if we engage with people around the UK we can make it an iconic destination for everyone to visit.”

Find out more about the Garden Bridge at: http://www.gardenbridgetrust.org/index.html