Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting [CHOGM]  


April 13, 2018

For your information:

16th – 20th April 2018

We have received the following information from the MPS Business Crime Hub:

With the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting [CHOGM] taking place between the 16th – 20th April 2018, and the recent press about the rise in violent crime, we wanted to provide some information to yourselves to keep you informed and updated.

With regards to the violent crime:

  • We have heard very strongly the concern felt within communities about the recent tragic homicides and serious assaults.
  • There will be an enhanced level of prevention, reassurance and enforcement activity being carried out by officers and staff across the MPS for the foreseeable future as we deal robustly with those intent on serious violence.
  • We are actively working with statutory partners and communities to put in place measures that will reduce knife and gun crime in the immediate future and tackle the longer term causes behind violent crime.
  • We are continually monitoring community sentiment and tension across London to ensure that we maintain confidence of communities while we carry out this important work.

Security will be heightened during the time of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting as representatives from 53 nations will be in attendance.
If you receive any information regarding disruptions to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting,  please either contact your local police or ourselves [in an emergency always dial 999].

Due to additional security measures in place, on some days access may be restricted or closed to the public. Areas will be affected before and after the event spanning the 14thApril to 22nd April 2018. On event days, there will be no unauthorised vehicle access to key streets around the venues.

Road closures and alternate routes will be signposted and also advertised in advance by TfL using their website and social media. Road closures may last for several hours; however, around key venues, they will be in place for many days. Authorised access will be allowed via identified Vehicle Access Points and the police are working with affected businesses and local residents to advise of access arrangements, limitations and conditions of entry. For drivers who are passing through the area, including those regularly commuting, you may want to consider alternative routes during CHOGM 2018. TfL and other travel advice sites offer route planning services.

The following roads will be affected;

  • Around The Royal Parks, Commonwealth Village, QEII Centre, Park lane South – affected 14th – 22nd April
  • South Carriage Drive  (Hyde Park), Park Lane (near the Intercontinental Hotel), Hamilton Place, Old Park Lane, Constitution Hill, Spur Road, Birdcage Walk, The Mall, St James Street, Pall Mall, Marlborough Road, Horse Guards Road, Old Queen Street, Great George Street,  Storey’s Gate, Matthew Parker Street
  • Around the Royal Albert Hall – affected Saturday 21st April
  • Kensington Gore, Prince Consort Road, Jay Mews, Bremner Road
  • City of London – affected Wednesday 18th April

Fenchurch area – Fenchurch Street, Lime Street, Lloyds Avenue, Billiter Street, Fenchurch Avenue, Pudding Lane, Mark Lane, Great Tower Street, Mincing Lane, Rodd Lane, Eastcheap, Phillipot Lane, Fish Street Hill, Monument Street, Botolph Lane, Saint Mary at Hill, Saint Dunstan’s Hill, Cross Lane, Harp Lane.

  • Other closure areas in the city include the area around Guildhall incorporating all roads between London Wall, Moorgate, Cheapside, St Martins le Grand; and the area south of Bank station incorporating Bucklebury, and Walbrook.

There are further details about the area and road closures in the fact sheets below.

The Royal Parks, ‘commonwealth Village’ and QEII centre Residential and Business Factsheet

Park Lane South Residential and Business Factsheet

Royal albert Hall Residential and Business Factsheet

City of London (Fenchurch area) Residents and Business Factsheet

Alternative pedestrian walking routes will be signposted. Alternate Vehicle routes will be signposted and also advertised in advance. There will be some disruption to bus routes around key venues which may cause delay to your journey. Check your travel and plan ahead via TFL. When required, the Cycle Superhighways will be suspended through the Royal Parks. Alternate cycle routes should be considered as cyclists will be asked to dismount and proceed on foot.

Further information about the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting can be found at the following website
The Website also provides information on how you can get involved, there will be a Commonwealth Business Forum on one of four days at the beginning of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, further information can be found here

Remember in an emergency, if you need urgent police assistance you should always dial 999.