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Donations Wish List


November 27, 2018

Donations Wish List

You can help homeless people by donating the items that they really want and need from the list below – thank you!

Support into employment and everyday items. You can provide these everyday essentials, and give people a helping hand when they are entering employment. Most of our clients will be entering the Hospitality or Construction industries.

85% of our clients are male. We need the following, all year round:

Men’s Socks
Men’s Underwear
Women’s Socks
Women’s Underwear, sizes M & L
Plain black T-shirts / plain black shirts / plain black trousers
Men’s interview clothing (suits and shirts)
Smart shoes, sizes 6-12
Comfortable casual shoes, sizes 6-12, preferably black
Kitchen shoes, sizes 6-12
Construction boots, sizes 6-12
Sets of chef knives
Leather belts

Make a house a home

You will be donating these packs to clients that are accessing accommodation. Our clients will be starting with nothing, so anything to help people to settle in and make their new place into a home will be so much appreciated!

You can choose to donate an individual item, put together a pack, or fund a pack:

£20: “Tea Set Pack” – kettle, mug, teaspoon, teabags, sugar
£100: “Ready Steady Cook Pack” – a set of cutlery, a set of pots and pans, baking tray, oven-proof dish, colander, Tupperware, chopping board, chopping knife, wooden spoon, scissors, plate, bowl, mug, tea towels
£60: “Home Comforts Pack” – a single duvet with bedding, pillow, a radio, a towel, a laundry bag, a clothes horse
£20: “Clean and Tidy Pack” – basic cleaning items, like sponges, cloths, washing up liquid, detergent
We’re sorry that we are unable to accept second-hand electrical items. If donating second-hand, please ensure the items are of a good quality.
Please do not donate anything not on the list as it wastes time and resources having to dispose of items that we cannot use! Thank you.

Christmas Gifts
We think it is really important that we are listening to our clients. This year, we asked about their experience of receiving Christmas gifts. Their feedback has transformed the way that we will be asking for gifts this Christmas!
This year, please donate retail vouchers. Our staff can then use these to purchase gifts with guidance from our clients, so that everyone can receive what they really want and need.
The best vouchers to donate are Primark / Boots / Tesco / Argos

If you would really like to donate a gift however, please ensure it is new (no used items please!) and from the list below:

Retail Vouchers £5/£10: Primark / Boots / Tesco / Argos
MP3 players and headphones
Chocolates, biscuits, and mince pies
Perfume, make-up, or nail varnish
Leather belts and watches
Socks, gloves, hats and scarves
Men’s jumpers: sizes M, L & XL (sports-wear preferable, not too garish please)
Men’s sports and casual wear: tracksuits, jeans, T-shirts, trainers (sizes 6-12), baseball caps.

Please leave your gifts unwrapped and deliver to The Connection.
However you decide to help, you will be putting a smile on someone’s face this Christmas.

Thank you!
From all of us at The Connection,

Thank You for continuing to support us and we wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
For any further information, contact
Sonja.ashbury@cstm.org.uk / 0207 766 5555