Enjoying this festive season (licensed properties)

Safe and Secure  

December 7, 2017

We'd like to pass on some police advice to help ensure the coming weeks are safe and enjoyable for you, your staff and customers.

Click here for the original letter: CW Licensing NYE 2017

Please ensure that all your staff and door supervisors are fully briefed and debriefed making them aware of their personal responsibilities towards promoting the licensing objectives.

  • Your staff must be extra vigilant in relation to serving customers who are intoxicated. They must receive training in relation to recognising signs of drunkenness and refusal of the sale of alcohol. Furthermore, your door staff must be alert to refusing entry to customers who are already drunk.
  • Staff should actively encourage customers to keep all personal belongings with them or have them checked into the cloakroom.
  • Daily checks that door supervisors have the appropriate accreditation and correctly display their SIA badges.
  • Door supervisors should wear high visibility jackets, particularly when stationed at the entrances, exits, queues and smoking areas.
  • Queues and smoking areas must be supervised and actively monitored to prevent your customers becoming victims of crime.
  • Avoid overcrowding by ensuring your door staff and management team are aware of the capacity limits within your premises.
  • A robust search policy will reduce the opportunities for weapons and/or controlled drugs to be brought into your premises.
  • CCTV Systems should be maintained and serviced to ensure that clear images are recorded correctly. It is vital that at least one member of staff is on duty and trained to operate your CCTV system. You should have sufficient storage devices in order to hand material to police upon request.

New Years Eve – Your event should be:

  • Advanced purchase ticket entry only
  • All Customers to be in premises by 23.30hrs and no entry or re-entry for smokers between 23.30hrs and 01.00hrs
  • All customers to be searched.

Thank you for your assistance and if you have any questions please contact us on 020 7641 1705 or email MetPoliceLicensingTeam@Westminster.gov.uk  We wish you a happy and successful Christmas and New Year.

Westminster Police Licensing Unit