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G & T With A Difference


June 15, 2016

Cocktail hour just got a new twist at the Strand Palace Hotel in London’s hottest location – the historic three quarter mile stretch bursting with personality.

 The latest batch of Gin feature cocktails from the Gin Palace bar are inspirational, surprising and created by the hotel’s new mixologist to offer a very different experience showcasing their wide selection of Gin’s from across the world.


 The team at the Palace are also saluting the great British tradition of  ‘tea-time’ and rewriting the 6pm tea of the past.

 In keeping with the hotel’s past they have developed a moreish snacking menu to accompany the Gin cocktails including sharing plates of teriyaki salmon with ponzu sauce, chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce, crab cakes with sweet chilli sauce, lamb kofta with mint and coriander sauce, tempura vegetable with teriyaki sauce, and vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.


Gin Palace Cocktails:

 Susie’s Sunshine

Frangelico, brown sugar and lime


Mint leaves, gomme and lime

Strawberry Daiquiri

Barcardi, strawberry, lime, gomme and fraise liqueur

The Business

Hendricks, elderflower cordial, cucumber, lemon, pepper

Strand Paradise

Vodka, Cointreau, lime and cranberry

Pina Colada

Barcardi rum, pineapple, cream and Monnin syrup

Dark and Stormy

Dark Rum, fresh ginger, Angostura and ginger beer

Long Island Ice Tea

Gin, Barcardi, Cointreau, vodka, tequila, fresh lemon and Pepsi


Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime and gomme

Black Forest Martini

Brockmans gin, crème de cassis, fresh lime, gomme, blackcurrant and blueberries


Vodka or gin with a hint of vermouth

Pink Lady

Beefeater gin, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, gomme and black pepper

Strand Palace

Hoxton gin, cherry brandy, Dom Benedictine, pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice and soda water


Cachaça, lime and gomme sugar