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Hawk Patrol on The Northbank

Public Realm


October 20, 2014

Hawk Patrol

Patrolling The Northbank area to deter pigeons are Jager and Jojo, two trained Harris Hawks from The Hawking Centre, who specialise in the eco-friendly removal of pest birds from defecating and nesting on buildings and public areas. The pigeons see the shape of the hawk and disperse to different areas throughout the city to find a more relaxing place to roost. Pigeon droppings, as well as being unsightly, do pose potential public health issues so the control of them is a must to keep the city clean and tidy.

Roads with a high level of traffic are not suitable for the hawk patrols so other preventative measures to reduce pigeon numbers are recommended.

Do feel free to approach the falconers, they area happy to answer questions about their magnificent birds.