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Noise & Anti Social Behaviour Concerns

Safe and Secure  

April 8, 2016

The Northbank is committed to reporting noise and anti-social behaviour. Please be advised that there are other ways to report concerns over impact to businesses associated with crowds, begging, street performing, and other anti-social behaviour.

Nuissance Noise and AntiSocial Behaviour

In the event of excess noise, crowding or other forms of anti-social behaviour associated with street performance, which is causing a significant negative impact to the public footway and businesses, we advise you to:

  1. Email: environment@thenorthbank.org
  2. State the location, date & time of the event. Please note whether they are on your property or on a public footway.
  3. State specifically how the individual/group is having a negative impact on you, your business, your employees, customers, etc. Note that the street performing itself is not an offence, with the exception of amplified noise, which is prohibited after 9pm
  4. Provide your contact details

First response will come from the Northbank Security team (shifts Mon-Sat 06:30-14:30/14:00-23:00). A subsequent report will be sent to Westminster City Council City Inspectors & Noise Enforcements Officers by The Northbank Ambassador team. Should the activity escalate, or our team not be available, the Met Police and Busk In London liaison teams will be involved.


IT’S PROBABLY NOTHING BUT… 0800 789 321 for the Anti-Terrorist Hotline. Trust your instincts & call.