Marketed and Promoted  

May 12, 2015

The Northbank has made the switch to the ‘Dot London’ domain to support its thriving locality as a world class cultural destination and securing its place in one of the worlds most visited cities.


Last year, London & Partners released this statement:

With the support of the Mayor’s office and the UK government, London & Partners is operating a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Dot London on behalf of London. We aim to create a world-class, innovative and trusted top-level domain for London that will be operated for the benefit of Londoners and London businesses.


The announcement of Dot London has received extensive media coverage since November 2013. A YouGov survey conducted in January 2014 found that over 25% of London based SMEs (more than 200,000 businesses), were likely to register a Dot London domain name.


Fortnum & Mason, the London Symphony Orchestra and Metro Bank were some of the first businesses to secure a Dot London address. 


For more information about Dot London please visit