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The Connection Christmas Sponsorship 2018


November 27, 2018

Christmas is a particularly hard time for people who are experiencing homelessness.

You can give hope by ensuring that they receive a warm welcome at our centre with the friendly familiar faces of our dedicated staff and volunteer teams.

“It was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. What makes it is the staff and volunteers who give up their Christmas day for people. I came in and it was teas and coffees and breakfast laid on. Then we played games upstairs until 12pm and then we all come down and there’s a 3 course dinner. I got a little gift of clothing. There were also a few gifts of aftershave and the sort, yeah one of the best I’ve had.” Geoffrey

By sponsoring a service for homeless people this festive period (over the month of December), you will be supporting the people in your local community who need your help the most. Thank you!

Sponsor someone’s fresh start

Many people’s only option out of homelessness is securing well-paid employment and finding a flat in the private rented sector. Homeless people face stigma from landlords and struggle to save up for a deposit and basic household items – you can give them a helping hand!

“It’s so important for people to be in accommodation, especially over Christmas, so they can reconnect with family. It can be a very lonely time otherwise.” Natasha, PRS Specialist Worker A donation of £1,000 is the equivalent of funding a deposit and basic Moving In Pack.

We will be supporting approx. three people into rented accommodation over the festive period.

Sponsor Street Outreach

Our Outreach teams go out every day of the week. They can sometimes have a difficult job persuading people to take up offers of support. They can’t force people to do things against their will, but with perseverance and trust-building, breakthroughs can and do happen every day!

“For some it’s relationship breakdown with a partner. I also see people who say they couldn’t live with their parents anymore. It can be frustrating when people don’t want to engage with you. And you can’t force people to do things against their will. But persistence pays off!” Louise, Street Engagement Adviser

£383 is the equivalent of funding one day of Street Engagement work.

We will be running street outreach shifts on 17 days across the month of December. £6,516 is the equivalent of helping people in from the cold in December, when they need it most.

Sponsor our Night Centre

Our Night Centre provides free emergency accommodation with a hot nutritious meal. Facilities include showers, laundry, medical support, access to our clothing store, and specialist support around substance misuse, domestic violence, and emotional wellbeing.

“It’s the little things which count, like doing people’s laundry through the night and we fold it up nicely and put it on

people’s beds for the morning. These small things really mean a lot to people and they remember it for years.” Paul,

Emergency Accommodation Manager

A donation of £38 is the equivalent of funding one night in our Night Centre.

We will be providing 1,680 overnight stays over the festive period.

£11,970 is the equivalent of funding accommodation for up to 45 people a night over one week.

Sponsor Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We’ll be getting Christmas Day off to a good start by providing an

indulgent breakfast which includes freshly baked Danish pastries and fresh fruit.

“People are in poor health and food helps you keep warm. That’s the most important, especially in the winter if

you’re cold, it’s not just the physical thing of eating the food it’s that feeling of being nice and warm.” Geraint,

Catering Manager

£2.50 is the equivalent of a filling breakfast.

We will be providing around 2,325 breakfasts over the festive period.

And for £250, you could sponsor a special Christmas breakfast!

Sponsor Christmas Lunch

We promote healthy, nutritious eating and endeavour to serve up a hot, balanced meal with choices to suit all

dietary requirements at lunchtimes. This keeps people healthy and happy! And on Christmas Day, our clients will

receive a full Christmas lunch – crackers, turkey and all the trimmings!

“You’re always getting looked after, you feel like you’re in your mum’s home. Your things are getting washed for

you, you have a meal ready. Mentally it gives you hope.” Client of The Connection

£5 is the equivalent of a hearty, healthy lunch.

We will be providing around 3,720 lunches over the festive period.

And for £750, you could sponsor a special Christmas lunch!

Sponsor the Art Room

Our Art Room is a big, bright room providing a quiet space away from the rest of the centre. Art is incredibly

therapeutic for many of our clients and every year they have several opportunities to display their work to the

public, a huge confidence boost and a source of income if any of their pieces sell!

“I was suffering from depression and art is a leeway. The art room is like a big family – that’s how I look at it because

I’ve lost most of my family.” Client of The Connection

A donation of £1,700 will sponsor the Art Room over December.

Sponsor a Christmas Party

We’ll be hosting a special Christmas Party for the women that attend the centre this December, complete with pass

the parcel, making Christmas earrings, lots of food, and a visit from Mrs Claus! Women are in the minority at The

Connection, so this is an important space for them to relax and have fun. We would love you to come and join us

date tbc (women only). We will use your donation to cover the costs of the party, which includes an Arts & Crafts

activity, food and presents. Any remainder will fund our Christmas activities.

“Now, I’m in a flat and I’m out all day. I go to a day centre like The Connection, I do activities and they are very

supportive. They ask us every day ‘How are you?’ I feel I am not on my own. My life is better now.” Client of The


A donation of £1,000 will sponsor the Women’s Christmas Party.

Decorate the centre for Christmas

Every year, we glam up the centre with tinsel and baubles galore, and you can come in to help put them up! We’re

looking for a group of 15-20 enthusiastic volunteers to come in and decorate the centre with our clients on the

afternoon of Friday 7th December, 1pm – 5pm. We will use your donation to purchase the decorations that we need,

with guidance from our clients! Any remainder will fund our Christmas activities.

A donation of £2,000 will secure you our popular Christmas decoration volunteering slot!

Sponsor Christmas Presents

We think it is really important that we are listening to our clients. This year, we asked about their experience of

receiving Christmas gifts. Their feedback has transformed the way that we will be asking for gifts this Christmas! This

year, please donate money or retail vouchers. Our staff can then use these to purchase gifts with guidance from our

clients, so that everyone can receive what they really want and need. Any remainder will fund our Christmas


We need to put gift packs together in-house. We’re looking for two eager teams of 15-20 volunteers to package up

gift packs – Thursday 20th 1pm-5pm & Friday 21st 10am-2pm.

We will be providing gift packs for around 350 clients over the festive period.

A donation of £2,000 will secure you one of our Christmas gift packing slots –

and purchase presents for homeless people this Christmas!

If donating vouchers, the most useful are Primark / Boots / Tesco / Argos.

Carol Singing

We also have opportunity for you and your colleagues to come and sing carols at Charing Cross mainline station and

Leicester Square underground station.

This is a great opportunity for a team of eager volunteers to don a Christmas hat, spread some Christmas cheer and

raise funds for homeless people! Fancy dress is strongly encouraged! We’ll provide you with collection buckets,

Santa hats, and Carol Sheets.

Leicester Square underground: Wednesday 12th December

Slots are available between 10am – 2pm

Charing Cross mainline: Wednesday 18th December

Slots are available between 7am – 5pm

Office fundraisers

We’ve got lots of ideas for office fundraisers at Christmas! We can support you by providing Fundraising Kits and

coming along to help out on the day.

Reverse Advent Calendar. Every day in December, donate an item from our wish list.

Christmas bake sale. Mince pies, spiced biscuits and fruitcake – there are lots of Christmassy treats to make!

Lunchbox Auction. Ask everyone to bring in lunch and bid for the one you want the most.

Christmas Jumper Day. Prize for the most garish jumper!

Dress Down Day. If you wear business attire to work, have a casual Friday.

Desk Decorating. Compete with your colleagues to create the best Christmas themed display.

Secret Santa. Give the gift of a hot, nutritious meal to someone homeless this Christmas and we’ll give you a

lovely thank you card to gift to your colleagues.

Please get in touch to request your kits!

Christmas with our partners

Finally, if you are a partner of The Connection, we would love to welcome your staff in over Christmas for the

following fun and festive volunteering opportunities:

Arts & Crafts. Come and make Christmas decorations with our clients for the tree.

Digital Inclusion. Complete an online Christmas quiz with our clients.

Spreading the word. Please help us to reach more people by taking part in awareness events on Church


Gardening. Pop down to help maintain our Courtyard Gardens, and sell potted bulbs to raise money for our


Women’s Group. Come and make Christmas earrings with the women who use the centre (women only).

The Big Sort. Help to sort and size the donations which we receive at the centre.

Please contact Sonja Ashbury, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, if you would like to sponsor a service or book

in to a volunteering slot this festive period. Thanks!


0207 766 5555

Thank You for continuing to support us and we wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!