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The Northbank BID sponsor Cook’s Corner at the Mayor’s Feast of St George

Marketed and Promoted  

April 30, 2014

The Northbank BID celebrate Feast of St George with the Cook’s Corner food demonstrations, filling food enthusiasts from all over the world with fantastic old English traditional recipes and cooking tips.

The buzz at Trafalgar square started to build from around 9am that day, as people eagerly and patiently waited behind the barriers whilst the final preparations took place for the annual Feast of St George celebrations on Easter Monday 21 April, Trafalgar Square.

Organised by the Mayor of London, the Feast of St George is inspired by St George’s Day’s 13th century origins as a national day of feasting. Mouth-watering treats like hog roast, homemade pies, cakes were all enjoyed in a splendid banqueting area seating 250 people between Trafalgar Square’s iconic fountains.

With flashes of the traditional red and white bringing the Square to life by lunchtime thousands had turned out, 40,000 to be exact! Friends, family’s, visitors together to celebrate the day. The children’s area at the North Terrace was busy with all kinds of fun activities. The music stage kicking out the perfect soundtrack for the day from talented musicians and singers who have taken part in the mayor of London’s GIGS, was just perfect.

Across the Square anticipation was starting to build from early on as 100’s queued for entrance to the Cook’s Corner. So what is the Cook’s Corner exactly? It is a culinary temple of sheer bliss, entertainment, smells, and learning. Throughout the day those who were fortunate enough to get a seat experienced a series of live cooking demonstrations from leading London chefs such as Andy Bates from Eat My Pies, Chef of The Year 2013 Hayden Groves, James Smart from Proud Archvist and Charing Cross Hotel’s very own Dean Crews who all cooked up English dishes from the past and present.

Dean Crews is the Executive Head Chef at Charing Cross Hotel, delighted the audience with two demonstrations. The first dish was Kentish Pudding with pickled walnuts and cumin carrots, the second, London Particular soup. As the cooking unfolded it was fascinating to learn about the ingredients and how people used them in the 13th century. An absolute highlight to the days celebrations not to mention a taste of the dishes which were amazing, simple, filled with flavour and very filling.

To watch Dean in action, click here

Take a peak at the chef line up in action and pictures from the day below.

Cooks Corner-9

Cooks Corner-1

Cooks Corner-2

Cooks Corner-4

Cooks Corner-5

Cooks Corner-6

Cooks Corner-7

Cooks Corner-8