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The Northbank Wellbeing Series


August 22, 2016

Mental health problems at work are common. Right now one in six of us is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. It remains to be a topic rarely spoken about and mental health is far too often still considered a taboo subject. We're working with local business partners to deliver events that showcases the possibilities for HR to create a healthier workplace for their staff.

11 February 2016 – Wellbeing Series: Mental health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


A Northbank business, Punter Southall offered to host a mental health and wellbeing morning seminar for the local businesses to contribute to the wider workplace mental health and wellness agenda. The seminar was a great success. We had a strong, interactive agenda with speakers that came from different disciplines to offer advice, free services and to share best practice. It was a sell-out event with 30 people attending. We heard from Beate O’Neil, Head of Wellness Consulting, Punter Southall Health & Protection on the latest in the Health and Wellness arena. The Wellbeing People also spoke about how to create a resilient workforce and demonstrated how science can help understanding on this topic. After a break, we had a presentation from Shelina Prabatani, Healthy Business Adviser for Healthy Workplace Charter, who gave the group information on how they can get advise and accredit your own workplace.  Finally the group heard how Kings College are leading their approach to wellbeing. The workshop closed with an inspirational mindfulness session. Read more here. For further information and to access the presentation materials please contact the team.



23 June 2016 – Wellbeing Series: Inclusion and Communication Workshop

A Northbank business, ACCA offered to host our second  wellbeing series seminar for the local businesses. The aim of the seminar on the inclusion and communication was to contribute to the wider workplace mental health and wellness agenda. Despite the Westminster flooding that morning, the seminar was a great success. Our speakers came from different points of view – a lawyer offering advise on how to make reasonable adjustments for staff, an industry speaker from PwC commenting on what they were doing to make things more streamline for their staff with additional needs and lastly from someone who gave us inspirational and personal insight to what it was like to disclose or not to disclose a disability. The attendees received reports and templates to take away informing them of a best practice they can implement in their workplace affecting their business and staff around communication and inclusion issues. For further information and to access these materials please contact the team.