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NaCTSO Fairway Document Awareness Workshop

Safe and Secure  

May 24, 2017

Should you wish to book a course, please email Nicholas.Nunney@Met.Police.Uk.

Responding to the shift in terrorist methodology away from larger more organised attacks to lone attackers and the increase in the insider threat, NaCTSO have developed NaCTSO Fairway Document Awareness to increase Identity Document knowledge in some HR and recruitment departments of vulnerable companies.
Using the subheading of “Do you know who you are employing?” and supported by the National Document Fraud Unit, the NaCTSO Fairway team and specially trained officers from across the Counter Terrorism network now offer Document Awareness workshops to HR and recruitment departments of companies vulnerable to terrorist attack, with the aim of increasing their knowledge of identity documents and the potential for their abuse.
The free two hour workshop can accommodate up to twenty staff per session and is delivered by specially trained officers from the NaCTSO Fairway team and Counter Terrorism network. It includes the chance to examine counterfeit and genuine identity documents to gain a better understanding of the security features used and includes:
Document Construction, Watermarks, Intaglio ink, Latent images, UV, Optically Variable Inks and Microprint. The workshop has been designed to enhance the ability of the delegates to spot a fake.
This is all done using real UK passports and driving licences. Counterfeits and forgeries will also be shown to the delegates, making it a very practical workshop.
The intended audience are those staff employed in general crowded places, and any other vulnerable site who are required to verify ID documents on a regular basis. This normally includes HR and recruitment. The additional knowledge gained will better protect business against potential infiltration through employment.