The Northbank BID


The Northbank BID

injection between 2013 and 2018

This unique and historic stretch of London beautifully encompasses all of the capital’s idiosyncrasies.

Historic buildings sit side by side with modern architecture, where royalty and celebrities have influenced the development of many landmarks through time, for all to enjoy.

With an ambitious programme of initiatives well underway to complement the Northbank’s current assets and potential as the vibrant cultural location that it once was, the spotlight is once again on the rich mix of entertainment, prestigious and luxury boutique hotels, increasing number of niche high quality shops, and corporate excellence.

The Northbank BID provides a unique sense of place and experience for investors, employees, residents and visitors, acknowledging what is already here and enhancing the potential enjoyment of the area. As the area re-creates itself within the heart of London, our role will be to ensure an integrated approach towards development and infrastructure is adopted, delivering an ambitious public realm strategy, coordinated by the BID. This will address the dominant traffic flows which make it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to move around, create cleaner streets, and increase green infrastructure to add aesthetic value and improve air quality.

The BID represents a fantastic opportunity for The Northbank to enhance its image, improve the environment and position The Northbank as one of the most desirable areas of London.

Kiaran MacDonald
Managing Director
The Savoy

St Martins in the Fields

St Martins in the Fields

Key Areas

Safe and Secure

Safe &

To establish its growing reputation as a safe and secure place to work and explore The Northbank Partnership has built a strong relationship with its dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Business Police Team.

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Public Realm and Environment

Public Realm
& Environment

Public realm is a key area of activity for The Northbank. We are improving the green infrastructure, planning more trees, parks, gardens, living roofs, rain gardens and pocket parks.

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Marketed and Promoted

& Promoted

The Northbank has wealth of activity, beautiful outdoor spaces, iconic landmarks and a rich cultural life. We have an integrated marketing and communications plan to raise the profile of area.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social

The Northbank BID's CSR strategy encourages businesses to make a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and other members of the public sphere.

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