Business Plan


Business Plan

BID’s have numerous advantages for the area in which they operate including; economic growth and investment, improved social wellbeing for employees and residents and improved public realm through sustainable investment for capital projects and services.  The Northbank BID aim’s to create a more appealing environment, reduce crime, market the area and provide a voice for local businesses.

Whilst the Northbank is a diverse area with an exciting history and significant landmarks, until recently is has been perceived as nothing more than a gateway, with little recognition as a destination with its own identity.  Inadequate signage; frustrated pedestrians; littered highways; homelessness and poor traffic management have been a major contributing factor in generating a poor image of the area.

To ensure that the diversity is savoured throughout the challenge to re-position and invest in Northbank, a partnership was vital to bring together land owners, developers and commercial occupiers. The BID  provides a collective voice for businesses, driving forward a powerful agenda to develop an identity for Northbank as a vibrant and cultural destination for all who work; visit and live in the area.

Our Business Plan is our mandate which sets out what we are delivering in the five year term between 2013 and 2018.  This allowed local business to work together in shaping and influencing a programme of physical, social and economic change with full consultation into what businesses wanted to see, the changes that could be made and what we could achieve as a collective.

Having secured over £8 million of investment from the private sector to implement real change and measure success, this funding also acts as the lever to work in partnership with our public sector providers to invest in change, generating further private sector investment for new developments.

A break-down of budgets can be read in the latest Billing Leaflet.

To see what we have planned to deliver on behalf of our business levy payers please download a copy of our Business Plan.

The Northbank’s latest AGM (2016) minutes can be read here.


Working in partnership, the BID initiative offers local stakeholders an outstanding opportunity to invest in a better future enabling all sectors of the local community to benefit from the planned improvements and predicted commercial growth across The Northbank area.

Ruth Duston
Chief Executive
The Northbank