The Road To Renewal

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The Road To Renewal

The Northbank's BID Proposal 2018-2023 is available to read now.

In February 2018 the BID levy paying community will have a chance to vote for The Northbank BID to continue driving daily improvements around Trafalgar Square, Strand, Aldwych and surrounding streets. As you’ll read in the BID Proposal, the BID has worked as a catalyst to private-public partnerships, bringing Westminster City Council, Tfl, The Met Police and other key London partners to the forefront of the areas needs and ambitions, creating a direct link with the businesses. Between this partnership effort, the teams on the ground and support from the local community, The Northbank BID has achieved a lot in its first 4.5 years.

Watch a short film about the current state of The Northbank BID, here.

The BID has published its BID Proposal for the second term 2018-2023, drawing together how the Executive and Street teams have answered the business community’s key concerns and implementing five years of improvements. Through consultation, here’s what you’ve fed back following the first term of initiatives covering: public realm improvements, street cleaning and reporting, safety and security, marketing and promotion, and corporate social responsibility.

Our current Business Plan 2013-2018 is our mandate which sets out what we are delivering in the BID’s first term. This allowed local businesses to work together in shaping and influencing a programme of physical, social and economic change with full consultation into what businesses wanted to see, the changes that could be made and what we could achieve as a collective.

A breakdown of budgets can be read in the latest Billing Leaflet (2017/18).

The Northbank’s latest AGM (2017) minutes can be read here.



28th September 2017: BID Proposal 2018-2023 available

January: voting opens

22nd February 2018: voting closes

23rd February 2018 results announced



For more about who will pay and how the levy is calculated, please read the BID Proposal.



Click here to view the full BID area. The proposed BID arrangements for The Northbank BID have been altered to include Admiralty Arch and St Clements Lane. The following things have not been altered:

1. the works or services to be provided;

2. the persons to have responsibility for implementing the BID arrangements;

3. the existing baseline services provided by the council;

4. the way in which it is determined which non-domestic ratepayers in the geographical area will be liable to pay the BID levy;

5. the way the BID levy is to be calculated; and

6. the category of non-domestic ratepayer for which and the level at which any relief from the BID levy is to apply.

The alterations to the BID arrangements will commence on the same date as the renewal of the BID arrangements, namely 1 April 2018.

The way that the Board of The Northbank may alter the BID arrangements without an alteration ballot has not changed. Currently, such alterations are permissible so long as the Board consults on such alterations with the council and any alterations do not:

1. alter the geographical area of the BID;

2. cause anyone to pay the BID levy who was not liable to pay it before; or

3. increase the amount of the BID levy for anyone.

Any such alterations to the BID arrangements must not conflict with the Local Government Act 2003 or the Business Improvement District (England) Regulations 2004.



Where the rateable value for a hereditament (rateable business unit) changes and results in a lower BID levy, this comes into effect only from the start of the financial year in which the change is made and no refunds of the BID levy will be made for the previous years.

Further information: Change in the Rateable Value of a Hereditament

1. When the Council is notified of a change in the Rateable Value of a Hereditament by the Valuation Officer by way of a schedule update and such change relates to:

a. a reduction of the Rateable Value (other than to £0 or £1); or

b. an increase in the Rateable Value,

2. then the council will calculate the adjustment to the BID Levy pursuant to the later of the following dates:

a. the Effective Date of such change; or

b. 1 April of the financial year in which the relevant schedule update is issued.

3. Where the Council is notified of a change in the Rateable Value of a Hereditament by the Valuation Officer by way of a schedule update and such change relates to:

a. a new entry in a Rating List (whether as the result of a new Hereditament of the split or merger of previously existing Hereditament(s)); or

b. a reduction in the Rateable Value to £0 or £1; or

c. a celebration of the Hereditament from the Rating List,

4. then the Council will calculate the adjustment to the BID Levy pursuant to the Effective Date of such change.



Working in partnership, the BID initiative offers local stakeholders an outstanding opportunity to invest in a better future enabling all sectors of the local community to benefit from the planned improvements and predicted commercial growth across The Northbank area.

Ruth Duston
Chief Executive
The Northbank