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The Board


The Northbank BID Board is a representation of the occupier base in the BID. Each member takes up the post of Director of The BID Company and represents the business community on their behalf. Board Members are re-elected annually at the company AGM. This takes into account business types, sizes and geographical locations.

The Board oversees the strategy and administration and spend of business money, as well as being a ‘champion’ of the local efforts.

Minutes from the last Annual General Meeting are available on request from info@thenorthbank.london

The central location, history, political, cultural, legal and economic organisations within the Northbank play a significant part in shaping the Universities in the area. Likewise the area would not be the same without the Universities. The Northbank and Aldwych, in particular, host a formidable wealth of experience, ingenuity, intellectual capacity and creativity that has helped to shape the area’s identity throughout time. The recent and future revitalisation is considerably helped by the BID.”

Ralph Luck, King’s College, and Julian Robinson, LSE

The Board

Sector Representation Name
Retail Position Filled  
Restaurant   Claude Abi-Gerges
Capital Arches Group
Large Hotelier Corinthia Matthew Dixon
Northbank BID Chairman
The Corinthia Hotel
  The Waldorf Hilton Guy Hilton
The Waldorf Hilton
  Savoy Ian Kidd
The Savoy
Corporate Tenant / Landlord Bain & Co. Geoff Smout
Bain & Co
Land Owner Land Securities Hiren Patel
Land Securities
capco Andrew Hicks
Theatres / Museum / Cultural institutions Somerset House Jonathan Reekie
Somerset House Trust
Financial Services PWC Steve Sherwood
Education King’s College London Ralph Luck
King’s College
  London School of Economics Julian Robinson,
London School of Economics (vice chair)


  • City of Westminster
  • Greater London Authority
  • Metropolition Police
  • Network Rail
  • Transport for London

The Freeholder Group

The expertise and support of property owners and investors in the area is vital to the partnership. The property owners and investors who contribute financially on a voluntary basis to the BID form the Freeholder Group. This Board focuses on the long term aims for the area and other matters of importance to those with property interests. In particular the group, influences activities that focus on Promoting and Positioning The Northbank and on major public realm activity.

To ensure good information flow and alignment of thinking the Chair of the Freeholders Group will sit as an observer on the BID board and report back on progress of the Freeholders Group on a quarterly basis.


The Northbank BID has transformed this part of London since starting in 2013. Whilst it is an occupier led BID, the Freeholders have come together to form a strong unit to support the BID company on so many levels. These include the proposed public realm improvements, Policing, area marketing and occupier support. In turn the BID company has been able to demonstrate great support to the freeholders in addressing local day to day issues and one stop connections into Westminster City Council. This great symbiotic relationship is driving measurable, long lasting changes for occupiers, owners and visitors to the area.”

Alistair Subba Row,

Membership of the group is:


Alistair Subba Row
Partner, Farebrother and
Chair of The Northbank BID
Freeholders Group.

Alistair Subba Row Farebrother
Andrew Hicks Capital and Counties
Mark Wakeling St Edward
Hiren Patel Land Securities
Geoffrey Pentecost JLL
Jonathan Reekie Somerset House Trust
Richard Jenden LSE
Ralph Luck King’s College London
Daniel Brighton Duchy of Lancaster
Nick Jacobs Rowan Asset Management
Steve Sherwood PricewaterhouseCoopers
Paul Ward UK & European
David King Central and City Properties Ltd
George Hammer Hammer Holdings
Robert Nadler Nadler Hotels
Elliott Sparsis Blackstone
Tim Sketchley Old Park Lane Management Ltd
David King Consulco Capital Real Estate Ltd (Ladbrooks)

Key Areas

Safe and Secure

Safe &

To establish its growing reputation as a safe and secure place to work and explore The Northbank Partnership has built a strong relationship with its dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Business Police Team.

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Public Realm and Environment

Public Realm
& Environment

Public realm is a key area of activity for The Northbank. We are improving the green infrastructure, planning more trees, parks, gardens, living roofs, rain gardens and pocket parks.

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Marketed and Promoted

& Promoted

The Northbank has wealth of activity, beautiful outdoor spaces, iconic landmarks and a rich cultural life. We have an integrated marketing and communications plan to raise the profile of area.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social

The Northbank BID's CSR strategy encourages businesses to make a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and other members of the public sphere.

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