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December 7, 2017

Seven state-of-the-art studios; specialised rooms for market research but also great for workshops and team meetings.

i-view London is committed to being the best in class and offering all clients an experience that exceeds expectations. The viewing facility at Wellington House has five viewed rooms with several client viewing rooms that can accommodate 20 clients comfortably and two dedicated non-viewed room. All rooms are spacious and bathed in natural sunlight. We have high speed fibre optic broadband throughout our floor, HD video recording, built-in headphone points and translation equipment with two channels recordings.

There is a large workshop space available that can accommodate 40 respondents conference style. This area is ideal for conducting central location testing, workshops, dial testing, large consumer goods research, meetings, seminars and training sessions. The workshop room can be viewed by a one way mirror at both ends of the space.

Digital audio and HD visual recordings are available at the end of the research or sent electronically. All rooms can be viewed remotely via Focus Vision web streaming or via our own web streaming portal.

We offer a purpose-built demonstration kitchen and bespoke designed bar with viewing room for food and drinks testing.


i-view London | Wellington House, 125 – 130 Strand, London WC2R 0AP
Tel. 0203 004 6890 | studios@i-viewlondon.com